Archetypal Journey Introduction

An Introduction to the World and Power of Archetypes

Course Summary

From Dorothy and those red shoes, through to Neo in The Matrix, the blockbuster movies of our time follow the same Archetypal Journey. Join Archetypal Branding and Archetypal Profiling Consultant Marilyn Devonish to start exploring your own Archetypal Journey.

What Are Archetypes?

A term often associated with Carl Gustav Jung, an Archetype is a way of describing aspects of our psyche and deep persona.  
They are psychological constructs which we find reflected in symbols, images, themes, stories and even our dreams.
Jung believed them to be unconscious in origin yet linked to our collective consciousness through the ages.
Individually they have both a gift and shadow side, and in our day to day lives are either being expressed, denied, ignored or repressed.

How Do Archetypes Show Up in Our Lives?

For example the Lover Archetype can be full of passion, gorgeous sensuality, deep commitment to the object of their desire, and provide sensual pleasure.  On the flip side when being negatively expressed the Lover can have out of control sexuality, sexual addictions, and simply be about objectifying rather and caring for others.

The Jester Archetype can be about fun and joy and living in the here and now and seeing the humour and lighthearted side of life.  The shadow side can be expressed as cruelty, debauchery, irresponsibility and being a trickster or con artist. Think of the movie Dangerous Liaisons starring Glenn Close and John Malkovich.

Why Are Archetypes Important?

The more balanced, conscious, and given appropriate expression the Archetypal energies are, the less we are held hostage to pitfalls and shadow sides.
When you have awareness of the individual Archetypes and how they are playing out in your life you can become the Film and Casting Director and draw upon the aspects most beneficial for the stage of the Archetypal Journey are you are at.

What Can Archetypes Tell You or Highlight?

Jung's work forms the foundation of many of the psychological tests we use today such as the MBTI and provide a deep and multi-faceted insight in who we are as human beings.

What I Cover During this Webinar and Intro Course

  • * What is the Archetypal Journey
  • * How it affects or impacts you
  • * The Online Quiz Results
  • * Overview of the Stages of the Archetypal Journey
  • * Business and Corporate Benefits
  • * Next Steps

For More Information

You can find out more about the individual Archetypes and Archetypal Journey by taking the Psychometric Profile Test, which also comes with a 54 page Introduction to Archetypes book on my main website.  Go to:

Start Your Conscious Archeyptal Journey Today

The reason I say "Conscious Journey" is because you are already on the Archetypal Journey.  You might just be hearing The Call.  You might have been plunged into the confusion and uncertainty of the Abyss.  Having travelled the first 4 stages you may now be at the Transformation Stage where it is time to resolve old issues and challenges.

To get an idea of where you are, take the Free Online Quiz contained within this Introduction to Your Archetypal Journey Online Program.

Marilyn Devonish
The NeuroSuccess Coach

Course Curriculum

Marilyn Devonish

The NeuroSuccess and Rapid TranceFormation Coach

Kathy Hector 

Founder, Kambio Retreats 

I'm thinking maybe 2011...or  possibly before. Omg. I remember you sending me the Archetypes book ahead of our session. So I didn't know yet what my dominant type was. Just reading the book before even taking the quiz gave me massive aha’s and realisations. Once I discovered my dominant type I was like Omg that explains EVERYTHING. What I had thought were 'flaws' of mine were actually valid and necessary parts of me. I still read it from time to time and like you discover new things. I am forever grateful for that experience.

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  • Introduction to The Archetypal Journey
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  • Archetypal Video Webinar Intro
  • The Archetypal Journey Online Quiz
  • The Personal and Corporate Benefits of Understanding Your Archetypes
  • Answering Life's Fundamental Questions
  • Overview of the Archetypal Journey
  • Shedding Light on the Archetypal Shadow Sides
  • How to Tap into the Archetypal Energies