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    Practitioner Insider Secrets £2848
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        What You Get with This Plan

        • 1-Day Practitioner Insider
          Secrets Video Webinar Workshop
        • Software and Technology
          Platforms Resources Guide
        • Archetypal Branding
        • 1-Day Fearless Public Speaking
          Video Webinar Workshop
        • PhotoReading Intro Video
          Webinar Workshop: Module 1 of
        • Free Bonus Skype Soul Plan
        • Free Bonus Skype Future Life
          Progression Session
        • Free Bonus Online Testimonial
          Automated Collection App
          (Requires Hosting)
        • Online Community Priority
        • Free Links and Promotions
        • A Hosted Video Webinar
          Workshop with copy of MP4 for
          Promotional Use
        • Private 1-2-1 Public Speaking
          Coaching Session with Marilyn
        • Private 1-2-1 Workshop or
          Course Planning Session with
          Marilyn Devonish
        • Access to the Online Community
        • Limited Number of Packages and

        "Marilyn's seminars are great value for money whether a teleseminar or in person. If you have the opportunity I urge you to attend to learn what you came to learn and you will go away with clearing all your blocks stopping you from putting your ideas into action."

        Linda Campling, HeartMath Trainer & Corporate Consultant


        "It has been really fantastic. It has gone into great depth and I thought I would miss the live room but this is very good."

        Winniefred Carneiro, Founder, Wyns World Therapies