Introduction to PhotoReading Video Webinar Workshop

Learn How to Read at 25,000 Words Per Minute

Course Summary

Whether you need to take your business and academic skills to the next level, want to create more time to read for pleasure and pursue creative pursuits, or need to up-skill fast,  take this Introductory PhotoReading Class with Interactive eLearning Specialist Marilyn Devonish.

Who is PhotoReading Suitable For?

It is suitable for all ages and types of reading material and study. My delegates range from age 7 to 70+. In terms of industry and profession, I've had everything from Accountants and Aromatherapists through to Bloggers, Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Writers, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, and Neurosurgeons. It also impressed Rocket Scientists from Cranfield University.  For those who need to read, research, and study more effectively, or need to up-skill in new areas in record time, assimilate new information and concepts, and apply them both efficiently and at speed, PhotoReading is the perfect accompaniment.

What is PhotoReading Suitable For?

Aside from the obvious benefits of reading at 25,000 words per minute, PhotoReading whole books in 5-minutes, and getting a huge amount more done in a lot less time, some of the less obvious benefits include:

*  Improving critical thinking and decision-making skills.
*  Enhancing your creativity.
*  Accessing your intuition.
*  Becoming more confident and fluent with presenting and public speaking.
*  Blasting through study and research projects.
*  Speeding up your brain.
*  Learning languages and new skills.
*  Easily achieving better left and right brain integration.
*  Passing exams more easily.
*  Job interview preparation - There's a link below to read more.
*  Reducing stress and anxiety.
*  Increasing your focus and concentration.
*  Greater productivity.

How Long Does it Take to Learn?

The full Certification Class is 2.5 days/21-hours tuition.

What Results Have Clients Had?

The feedback below from a team of Rocket Scientists at Cranfield University, who were somewhat sceptical about my bespoke in-house PhotoReading Workshops because they already had Degrees through to PhD's so they already really know how to research, study, and learn.

Do the Results Last?

I've been a Certified PhotoReading Instructor since March 2002.  I went back and surveyed clients.  You can read their feedback here:

To read more about the job interview preparation go to:

 " Stimulating, Valuable, Highly Recommended, Professional, Excellent, Enlightening, Fun, Relaxing, Motivating, Time Well Spent, Should be Given to All First Year PhD Students. " 

Marcus Denand
Freelance web developer - The Company

 "“This is more than just learning PhotoReading, you have a social engagement with other people and it is a spiritual/mental massage. AMAZING. No other words.” 

Teenage Gamer
PhotoReading Workshop Attendee 

 " Photo reading is bonkers!
Syntopic reading!
Being able to read and absorb information on one topic and then extract the key points.
I have spent less than an hour reading 8 books on a topic and have just compiled a piece of work from this.
#gamechanger #realifeskills   

Naomi Tamayama
Entrepreneur & Business Coach

 "I am quite a stressed person and I don’t really feel comfortable with sharing my thoughts and ideas  . . . but this program taught me how to relax and it was a really nice and peaceful environment.
It is not only a PhotoReading training but self-development too! " 

Stressed Teenage Student
PhotoReading Workshop Attendee

 " First off thank you for an amazing PhotoReading course last month it was a great weekend.
Secondly, I have to thank you again for the Huna you did for me, I don't know what you did exactly but this last 2 weeks I am feeling very light and clear in my head and really peaceful in myself. I'm very grateful... " 

Seamus Walsh
Business Owner

Course Curriculum

Marilyn Devonish

The NeuroSuccess and Rapid TranceFormation Coach

Kate Thomas 

Angeli Jewellery 

A whole year since I learnt Photoreading with Marilyn Devonish - fabulous weekend with wonderful people, and came away with a life changing skill to boot. Thank you Marilyn!

Course Pricing

  • 3-Day PhotoReading Webinar Certification Course
  • £750

    Take the full PhotoReading Workshop via Online Video Webinar Training run by Certified PhotoReading Instructor Marilyn Devonish

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  • Telseminar Interview with Dr Paul Scheele
  • PhotoReading Client Results and Success Stories
  • PhotoReading Summary Infographic
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  • Free PhotoReading Intro Video Webinar Workshop
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    Join me for this 90-Minute Video Introduction to the wonderful world of PhotoReading, NeuroSuccess and Accelerated Learning.

  • Free 90-Minute PhotoReading Video Webinar Workshop
  • Telseminar Interview with Dr Paul Scheele
  • PhotoReading Client Results and Success Stories
  • PhotoReading Summary Infographic
  • What is PhotoReading and Why Would You Use It
  • How Does the System Work and What Are the Benefits
  • Practical Exercises
  • Limitless Possibilities