Introduction to Huna & Ho'oponopono

Exploring the Ancient Art and Practice of Hawaiian Huna

Course Summary

What is Huna?

The practice of Huna is thought to date back as far as 35,000 years.  Little has been known about these practices, because it was outlawed in 1820; the reasons for which we discuss during the workshop, and only became more readily accepted in the late 1970s.  

Much of teaching is not in books but held in the chants, Hula dances, symbols, and the land. Huna teaches and assists with both spiritual illumination and enlightenment as well as containing powerful techniques for psychological and emotional healing. This on-demand workshop explores those ancient teachings and shows you how you can tap into this ancient wisdom in order to more easily free yourself from emotional burdens and create a more spiritually enriched and connected life.

One of the most exciting things about Huna is the remote power of it all, which you will experience during this workshop. We cover a lot of ground during this 1-day workshop. Some of what you will learn includes:

  • The Background and History of Huna
  • What is Huna? 
  • Why Huna and Why Now?
  • The Deeper Meaning of Aloha and Hawaii
  • Huna Correspondences with Other Teachings and Modalities
  • Huna Elements and the Elementals
  • Introduction to the Huna Symbols and Experiential Energy Clearings (and yes, they still work via the recordings)
  • The Assumptions of Huna Magic
  • Huna Applications 
  • The Polarities and Quantum Collapse Exercise
  • Higher Self Therapy Experiential Session
  • Ho'oponopono - The Forgiveness Process

Marilyn Devonish completed her Huna Training in Hawaii in 2005 and 2009, and has been practicing Huna since October 2000. It is one of the absolute favourite modalities of her Breakthrough Coaching clients because of the speed, impact, and depth of the work.

 "I attended the four day TCCHE event a couple of weeks ago and although I found the speakers fascinating, your Huna work had the most profound effect on me." 

TCCHE Workshop Attendee
Following a 5-Minute  Huna Group Energy Clearing from Marilyn Devonish

The first Huna you did, I got a sensations in my throat then the top of my head a while light going through my body. Releasing of anxiety and fear of everything, obstacles, restrictions, being judged lack of confidence and insecurities. I also put my book to happen this is funny because it is called (The Magical Cauldron) confidence, knowledge, happy life, abundance for everyone, good energy, sparkles, joy, togetherness, guidance, people happier and world peace. When you showed the candles, I got October very strong for something good. When you said we are entering into the second half of the year, I got a real buzz for getting my weight off, I wasted the first half so now I can make a real difference. I want to get a Publisher for my book and I know I have other books to write. This was an amazing experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you I love being part of your Membership group and I just feel the energy around it, I have got very bold, sparkly and bright colours, almost like swirly paint

Sieta Jones
Following a Huna Facebook Live Session

"Ahh Marilyn! It's TRUE, still amazed by your delivery of ALL the course content. Talk about 'grabbing the bull by the horns', when you did the Huna healing on me .., omg!, I couldn't believe how accurate your diagnosis was! (you didn't tell me you were Dr as well as everything else!!!)
I believe to fully appreciate and understand photo reading you have to allow yourself to be open on all levels (emotionally, mentally, socially and physically). For me this was achieved through the Huna healing.
What did you do to me?!!!! It's like I've developed more positive receptacles! (Imagine the music from the 6 million dollar man when he tries to look at something far away... That's me now!! lol). It's such a great feeling! So THANK YOU once again, you've given a great gift to me and my girls. I'm eternally grateful. I can't wait to send my other two kids to you :)
Some individuals have been put on this earth to help people change their lives for the better and you are one of those special people.
Bless you Marilyn xxxxxxxxxxxx"

Parvinder Wahiwala
Following a Burst of Huna Energy Clearing at Marilyn's PhotoReading Workshop

I actually managed to listen to the recording live, but it did cut out a few times at key moments when you were doing the Huna-so that was very interesting what you were saying that the mind wasn't quite ready to release yet.
Before the the call I was feeling a little bit anxious, as I had a telephone interview afterwards which I had been preparing for in the morning. Normally, I wouldn't have been available for the call at this time, however based on previous calls I've joined with you (energy clearing calls) even though it wasn't the most convenient time I made the time to listen live, knowing it would be beneficial.
The thing I wanted to clear was the energy that I wasn't good enough for the role and negative energy surrounding the fact I was made redundant recently.
I've had a few interviews, but most recently I felt that I'd been selling myself short and not performing as well as I could have done.
I felt very relaxed during the call and I felt a greater clarity.
After the call I remained calm and relaxed despite the fact I had a telephone interview fast approaching.
The telephone interview went really well, I felt I had a really good rapport with the lady I spoke to and there was a lot of synchronicity with what I said and what she was looking for, for example I told her I had experience of putting together engagement packs (PP presentations, crib sheets, data sheets etc for stakeholders, guidelines on messaging and how that translates into different marketing mediums). The next thing she said was that would be one of the first things I'd need to produce in the role!
The call only lasted about 20 mins, it was meant to be 30 mins, but the interviewer was very enthusiastic and has offered me a second interview with her and her MD next week. So great result!
I have just a few minutes ago finished listening to the recording of the call again, because it was interrupted first time around, focusing on the same issue.
I'm looking forward to seeing what shows up.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Marketing Executive
Following a Huna Teleseminar

Remote Energy Transmissions

One of the most beautiful things for me about Huna, and something both my group, and individual clients love, is the remote power of Huna Energy.

This is from one of my clients out in Australia, the wonderful Pippa Neve. She listened to one of my Huna audio recordings.

The Huna symbols are delivered on the breath, so Pippa had not idea which symbols I was using, her description however was a PERFECT match both to the symbols I used, and the order and sequence in which I did them.  Amazing.

You have the added benefit in this workshop of actually seeing what the symbols look like without having to travel to Hawaii, and experiencing them for an entire day rather than just a few minutes.

If you're not yet ready for the full 1-day workshop, you can subscribe to my Huna Podcast App. Click the button below.

Course Curriculum

Marilyn Devonish

The NeuroSuccess and Rapid TranceFormation Coach

Lisa Zoe Morgan

The Alchemy Works

There were little things that Marilyn said throughout the day that felt almost ‘Channelled’ and very important.  Not necessarily the structured stuff but added comments.”

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  • 1-Day Huna & Ho'oponopono Video Webinar Workshop
  • Access Consciousness Starter Clearing Statements PDF
  • Bonus: Huna & Access Consciousness Energy Clearing MP3